LLS Major Scholarship

Award Theme: The Legacy of '92

A broad coalition of student activists and their allies pushed the University to respond to the underrepresentation of Latina/Latino students and faculty and the lack of institutional and intellectual support for Latinas/Latinos on campus in 1992. Students called for the University to address the low retention of Latino students on campus, to incorporate scholarship on Latinos in the general curriculum through the establishment of a Latina/Latino Studies Program, and to address campus climate issues in relation to ethnic diversity. In 1996, due to the tireless efforts of students and allies, the Latina/Latino Studies Program was established. The Program was reorganized into the Department of Latina/Latino Studies in 2010.

This award recognizes the memory of this historical moment. Since the mobilizations of 1992, the Department of Latina/Latino Studies has grown into a vibrant academic unit that trains students to be competent interdisciplinary scholars who critically examine the impact of Latinos in the social world. This award recognizes a Latina/o Studies major who is achieving excellence in the classroom and making an impact in their community. The recipient of the scholarship will receive a one-year $1,500 award to be credited to their University Financial Account for 2022-2023.


Eligible students must be a declared Latina/Latino Studies major who will be enrolled as a continuing student in 2023-2024. Students must be making adequate progress towards their degree. The recipient should have a strong academic record with a GPA in Latina/Latino Studies of at least 3.0.

To Apply

  1. Fill out an application form.
  2. In the application form you will be asked to respond to the following questions:
    • Why did you choose to major in Latina/Latino Studies?
    • How will you use or have you used the material you are learning in Latina/Latino Studies outside of the classroom?
    • How are you serving or will be serving the Latina/o community on or off-campus through your leadership or skills?
  3. Provide copy of academic transcripts (official or unofficial).
  4. Provide one confidential letter of reference by faculty or staff. The third page of the application form is the reference form that should be filled out by your reference writer and sent directly to Marisol Hughes (marisolh@illinois.edu).

Applications should be submitted to Marisol Hughes (marisolh@illinois.edu) by Friday, April 14, 2023, 5pm

For further information about the scholarship, contact Marisol at marisolh@illinois.edu or (217)265-0370.


Past award recipients

Kailey Reyes, 2023-24

Erica Gonzalez, 2021-22

Melody Contreras, 2020-21

Rocio Salazar, 2019-20

Lydia Alvarez & Edith Muñoz, 2018-19

Ezekiel Acosta & Hannah Gutierrez, 2017-18

Cristina Lucio & Yadira Ramirez, 2016-17

Mateo Hurtado, 2015-16

Jasmin Patrón Vargas, 2014-15

Emmanuel Madrid Salazar, 2013-14

Mercedes Gonzalez & Yesenia Olvera, 2012-13

Andrea Herrera & Oscar Patrón, 2011-12