The Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Associate Program provides junior scholars the opportunity to spend a year at the Department of Latina/Latino Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to pursue their current research and to engage with academic peers and students at the University of Illinois. Research Associates are expected to teach a course in their area of expertise during their residency at the Program. For further information about the fellowship, call (217)265-0370.

"Words are not adequate to describe the excellency of this postdoc. The mentoring, acceptance, and academic rigor of this program were invaluable to helping me secure my tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor in English at the University of Notre Dame. The collegiality of the faculty, the depth and breadth of their scholarly knowledge and the incredible support system that they all offered has no equal. I am deeply grateful to the mentorship, research time, and class experience that this postdoc program offered. I miss the department of Latina/Latino Studies at UIUC greatly!" Sarah Quesada, Former Postdoctoral Fellow

"The LLSP Fellowship was an extraordinary opportunity for me after graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2002. ... The academic resources available at the Illinois are world-class and the additional time made all the difference in me being able to have two journal submissions under review by 2003, and a book contract with the University of Arizona Press by early 2004. In fall 2003, I began my current position as an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Vermont in Burlington." Tom Macias, Former Postdoctoral Fellow


From top right clockwise: Yuridia Ramirez and friends; Jose A. de la Garza-Valenzuela; Edna Viruell-Fuentes, Jonathan Inda, Sarah Quesada, and Isabel Molina; Karen Jaime