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Mónica González Ybarra

Assistant Professor

Research Description

Dr. González Ybarra’s schooling experiences, and those of her family, guided her to research the rich language, literacies, and knowledge of Chicanx/Latinx communities that often go unseen and/or erased in k-12 classrooms and beyond. Specifically, she looks at the powerful practices of teaching and learning that exist in community spaces and how Chicanx/Latinx bilingual youth, in particular, draw on their home, family, and community knowledge to navigate their sociopolitical worlds. Dr. González Ybarra has been privileged to work with young people across various communities in Illinois, Utah, Colorado, and Texas. Her teaching and work with bilingual pre-service and in-service teachers seeks to create opportunities for transformative educational experiences both in and outside of the classroom. She is committed to working with educators, students, and community members to collectively to re-imagine and build educational spaces and opportunities for youth and communities of color.

Dr. González Ybarra is a proud University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign alumni. She graduated as a double-major in Latina/Latino Studies and Spanish in 2011. She then earned her masters degree from the University of Utah in 2013 and doctorate from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2018. She is a former Cultivating New Voices Fellow through the National Council of Teachers of English and was a recipient of the AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship.

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Assistant Professor, Latina/Latino Studies

Recent Publications

Gonzalez Ybarra, M., Garcia, C., & Jimenez, M. (2024). Latina teacher reflections on critical linguistic cariño: Disrupting the raciolinguistic realities of Latinx multilingual students. Bilingual Research Journal, 47(1), 77-91.

González Ybarra, M., & Player, G. D. (2024). Chismosas Against White Hetero-patriarchy: Chisme as a Literacy Pedagogy of Resistant Girlhood/Womanhood. Equity and Excellence in Education. Advance online publication.

González Ybarra, M., & Marroquin, E. (2024). Rethinking and redrawing teaching and learning: Latinx preservice teachers documenting their pedagogies of the home through comic strips. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 67(6), 389-402.

Saavedra, C. M., & Gonzalez Ybarra, M. (2023). Translanguaging through the body: centering geographies of selves in Latinx pre-service teacher education. Language and Education, 37(5), 639-650.

Tissenbaum, C. D., Lane, M., Ybarra, M. G., & Nuñez, I. (2023). Examining Demonstrations of Presence in a Multimodal Art Exhibit Created by Latina/x Youth. In P. Blikstein, J. Van Aalst, R. Kizito, & K. Brennan (Eds.), Proceedings of the 17th International Conference of the Learning Sciences - ICLS 2023 (pp. 1959-1960). International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS).

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