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Marcella Raffaelli

Research Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Research Professor, Human Development and Family Studies

Recent Publications

Munoz, L., Raffaelli, M., & Kang, H. (2023). Goals for Adolescent Participation in Organized Youth Programs: Views From Adolescent-Parent Dyads. Journal of Adolescent Research, 38(2), 365-386.

Munoz, L., & Raffaelli, M. (2022). Parental involvement in their adolescents’ organized youth programs: Perspectives from parent-adolescent dyads. Applied Developmental Science, 26(1), 43-56.

Lima, R. F. F., Raffaelli, M., Morais, N. A. D., Santana, J. P., & Koller, S. H. (2021). Capturing the heterogeneity of life on the streets: A person-centered analysis of street histories and social connections of youth. Journal of Adolescence, 93, 80-89.

Mitchell, E. T., Whittaker, A. M., Raffaelli, M., & Hardesty, J. L. (2021). Child Adjustment after Parental Separation: Variations by Gender, Age, and Maternal Experiences of Violence during Marriage. Journal of Family Violence, 36(8), 979-989.

Santana, J. P., Raffaelli, M., Vezedek, L., & Koller, S. H. (2021). Adolescents, Street, Drugs and Psychoactive Substances: A Study on Risk and Protection. Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa, 37, Article e37448.

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