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Angharad N Valdivia


Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor Emerita, Latina/Latino Studies
Professor Emerita, Institute of Communications Research

Recent Publications

Valdivia, A. N. (2024). Dear Norm. Qualitative Inquiry, 30(5), 431-432.

Valdivia, A. N. (2024). Visibilizing quinceañeras as generational and ethnic bridge: Flashpoints of Latina girlhoods. In The Routledge Companion to Girls' Studies (pp. 211-221). Taylor and Francis.

Pérez, S., & Valdivia, A. N. (2023). Latina representations and media: Teenhood and intersectionalizing subjectivities in the post-network era. In The Routledge Handbook of Ethnicity and Race in Communication (pp. 11-24). Taylor and Francis.

Leon-Boys, D., Rivera, M. M., & Valdivia, A. N. (2022). Media and Minority Children. In D. Lemish (Ed.), The Routledge International Handbook of Children, Adolescents, and Media, Second edition (pp. 355-362). Routledge.

Leon-Boys, D., & Valdivia, A. N. (2021). The location of U.S. Latinidad: Stuck in the Middle, Disney, and the in-between ethnicity. Journal of Children and Media, 15(2), 218-232.

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