Nuestra Verdad Publicación: Who We Are

(L-R) Fatima Valerio, Marlene Santos, Jessica Cruz-Taylor, Patricia Bejarano, Hernan Juarez


By: Patricia Bejarano, Fatima Valerio, and Marlene Santos

Nuestra Verdad Publicacion founders
​Top Row (L-R) Marlene Santos, Patricia Bejarano, Fatima Valerio. Bottom Row (L-R) Julissa Sanchez, Jessica Cruz-Taylor. ​






What is Nuestra Verdad Publicación?

Nuestra Verdad Publicacion officers
Top Row (L-R): Marlene Santos, Hernan Juarez, Patricia Bejarano. Bottom Row (L-R): Jessica Cruz-Taylor, Fatima Valerio.

Nuestra Verdad Publicación (NUVE) is an online publication focusing on Latinx and Hispanic culture, news, and art through media. Our goal is to bring light to the struggles and triumphs of the Latinx/Hispanic society, and to promote a community that exemplifies the true Latinx/Hispanic spirit on campus. The name Nuestra Verdad was chosen for its literal representation of what we are trying to show: Our Truth.



Our Inspiration

In the spring of 2019, 5 first-gen, latinx freshmen from Chicago, came together with one vision. The majority of us were taking LLS 100 and were learning about a vast array of historical and contemporary topics. Frustrated by our personal experiences on campus and a forgotten history of Latinos/Hispanics here in the U.S, we wanted to take action. An absence of a minority-based publication on campus led us to believe that this should be our direction in order to represent the very issues that were bothering us and establish a platform where others can do the same. When meeting with Jorge Mena, assistant director of La Casa Cultural Latina, we learned of La Carta Nuestra and became inspired to start an RSO like them. La Carta Nuestra was a former publication on campus that focused on “social justice, solidarity among POC and the issues that impact people of intersecting social identities.” Also, one of our members had a friend at the University of Michigan that was a part of a Latinx magazine known as Latinidad Magazine and inspired us to make a magazine-like publication.



How to find us?

We hope to be able to publish more content on our website and to continue to inspire and offer a space for people to feel included and heard. If you want to share your story or content, do not hesitate to contact us. Everyone is welcome to join, however, you do not need to be a part of NUVE to have your voice heard! Email us at or find us on any of our social media platforms (Facebook: /NUVEPUB; Instagram: @nuveuiuc; Twitter: @nuveuiuc). Follow us for more updates and check out our website at



Nuestra Verdad Publicacion quad fundraiser
Top Row(L-R) Julissa Sanchez, Victor Figueroa. Bottom Row (L-R) Andrea Czart, Patricia Bejarano, Fatima Valerio, Marlene Santos.


Nuestra Verdad Publicacion members
Top Row Standing (L-R): Alberto Castelan, Arturo Romero. Second Row Standing (L-R): Sophia Diaz, Julissa Sanchez, Patricia Bejarano, Fatima Valerio, Jessica Cruz-Taylor. First Row Kneeling (L-R): Marlene Santos, Erendira Martinez, Ashley Martinez.