LLS Faculty and Affiliates Among 2022-23 HRI Campus Fellows and Interseminars Faculty Conveners


We have many LLS faculty and affiliates represented in the 2022-23 Humanities Research Institute (HRI) Campus Fellows Program and Interseminars Initiative. The campus fellows include Janett Barragán Miranda (“Hungering for Equality: The Community of Mexican-Origin from Post-WWII to Civil Rights”R. Elizabeth Velásquez Estrada (“Intersectional Justice Denied: Racist Warring Masculinity, Negative Peace and Violence in Post-Peace Accords El Salvador”), Yuridia Ramírez (“Indigeneity on the Move: Transborder Politics from Michoacán to North Carolina”), Emma D. Velez (“Orienting Historias: Unraveling the Coloniality of Gender through Las Tres Madres”), and Damian Vergara Bracamontes (“The Administration of Illegality and Mexican Migrant Life”). And Josue David Cisneros is a faculty convener for the Interseminars Initiative Project: “Imagining Otherwise: Speculation in the Americas.” Visit https://hri.illinois.edu/people/current-fellows to learn more about the scholars and their projects.