This page proposes a set of priorities and procedures for dealing with requests from other departments to cross-list courses with LLS.

Classes meeting at least two of the four priorities below will be given preference for cross-listing.
  1. Classes that offer conceptual frameworks that help students analyze issues relevant to Latinas/Latinos and the Latina/Latino experience (for example, comparative ethnic or gender studies courses).
  2. Classes that incorporate the works of Latina/Latino Studies scholars, artists, or activists in their syllabi.
  3. Classes that will be taught primarily by LLS faculty and affiliates.
  4. Classes that enhance the curriculum of the Department

LLS will also consider other requests if they meet the curricular and strategic needs of the Department.

  1. The LLS Curriculum committee will consider cross-listing requests twice a year, once during the fall (October) and once in the spring (February).
  2. Departments wishing to cross-list with LLS are asked to submit the following materials:
    1. Course description
    2. Course syllabus
    3. Brief description of how works by Latina/Latino Studies scholars, activists, or artists are incorporated into the course, including highlighting readings that do so in the syllabus
    4. Names of instructors who will teach the course