Previous Honors Theses


Student Title Faculty Advisor
De Giulio, Anissa
"Latinidad and Latin-esque Representations in the Music Industry"
José de la Garza Valenzuela



Student Title Faculty Advisor
Garcia, Samantha
"Mental Health Reflections of Latina Youth"
Mónica González Ybarra
Garcia Barrón, Valerie
"Negating the Aesthetics of Latinidad: A Critique on Latino Identity and Visual Representation"
Emma Velez
Santillan, Estela Andrea
"Existence of Fatphobia: The Intersectional Barriers of Fat Latina Women/Femmes"
Emma Velez



Student Title Faculty Advisor
Carteño, Lourdes
"The Worth of Multicultural Programming in Latinx Alumni Professional Development"
Damian Vergara Bracamontes
Gonzalez, Erica
"COVID-19 Vaccination in Urbana-Champaign: An Exploration of 20th Century Latinx Public Health Efforts"
Yuri Ramírez
Herrera, Zulema
"Art in Action: Latinx Student Activism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign"
Angharad N. Valdivia
Roman, Diana Carolina
"Undocumented/DACAmented Student Support at the University of Illinois: A History of Advocacy and an Evaluation of Inclusion"
Damian Vergara Bracamontes
Santos, Marlene
"The Precarity of K-12 Latinx STUDIES Pedagogies in an 'Anti-CRT' Era"
Mónica González Ybarra



Student Title Faculty Advisor
Bucio, Karen
"Barriers to Access Healthcare Among Undocumented Immigrants"
Jonathan X. Inda
Contreras, Melody
"Fornésian Dreamscapes: Navigating Queer World-Making"
Sandra Ruiz
Márquez, Isabella Rose
"Reggaeton's Resistance: Bad Bunny & the Aesthetics & Politics of Perreo"
Sandra Ruiz
Socorro Alvarez, Lydia
"El Acción de Gentrificación: Exploring the Contradictions of Community Organizing, Art, and Social Media in the Pilsen Neighborhood of Chicago"
Nic Flores



Student Title Faculty Advisor
Romo, Michelle
"Selling Out: Understanding the Neighborhood Impacts of Factories in La Villita"
Julie A. Dowling



Student Title Faculty Advisor
Acosta, Ezekiel
"Hombres Sin chile Tambien Pican: A Testimony of Transmen in Guatemala"
Lisa M. Cacho
Contreras, Samantha
"'So Many Arms of the State': The Presence of an ICE Detention Center in a Midwestern Town and Latina/o Sense of Well-Being"
Edna A. Viruell-Fuentes; Lisa M. Cacho
Hernandez, Iris
"Intertwined Like a Helix: A Theory of Love and Mourning in Felix Gonzalez-Torres's Artwork"
Sandra Ruiz
Perez, Bianca Rosa
"La Panza and Other Problems: The Effects of Family, Peers, and Media on Latina Women's Body Image Constructions"
Julie A. Dowling
Rodriguez, Sandra
"'Lo Natural Sirve Igual Que lo Professional': Access to Complementary Healthcare at a Botánica in Chicago" 
Natalie Lira; Edna A. Viruell-Fuentes
Ruizesparza, Stephanie
"Invisible Women: Sex Trafficking of Latinas in Chicago"
Julie A. Dowling



Student Title Faculty Advisor
Alvarez, Monica I. 
"No Quiero Llorar"
W. D. Coyoca
Robledo, Jocelyne
"La Fuerza Estudiantil: MEChA de UIUC 2005-2018"
Rolando J. Romero



Student Title Advisor
Anonales, Mariserg
"An Analysis of the Violence Against Women Act: How it Functions at a Local and National Levels"
Edna A. Viruell-Fuentes



Student Title Advisor
Carbajal, Carla
"The American Dream & Cultural Collectivity: Space and Community Development from Las Vuelas, MX to Woodstock, IL"
Lisa M. Cacho



Student Title Advisor
Gonzalez, Mercedes Guadalupe
"In the Era of Colorblindness: How CPS Discipline Policies funnel Youth of Color into America's Prisons"
Lisa M. Cacho
Herrera, Andrea
"Si Pero No: A Critique of the Eugenicist Underpinnings of Mestizaje" 
Richard T. Rodriguez
Mora, Juan
"Becoming the Young Lords: The Struggle for Puerto Rican Liberation and Politicization in 1960s and 1970s Chicago"
Adrian Burgos, Jr.
Wagener-sobrero, Gabriela
"Mi Casa Es Su Casa?: How Public Transit Fosters Gentrification in Pilsen, Chicago"
Lisa M. Cacho



Student Title Advisor
Briones, Victoria F. 
"Unpacking the Continued Devaluation of Women in Ciudad Juárez"
Alejandro Lugo
Brito, Jonathan
"Youth Leadership and Community Empowerment: The Young Lords Organization"
Julie A. Dowling



Student Title Advisor
Ledesma, Cynthia 
"Performing Citizenship as a Political Strategy: Deconstructing Normalizing Discourses in the Dream Act" 
Lisa M. Cacho
Rosales Sierra, Andrea Guadalupe
"Imagining the Impossible By Subverting 'Illegality'" 
Lisa M. Cacho