LLS Student Conference Travel Awards

The Department of Latina/Latino Studies is pleased to offer The Conference Travel Award for students presenting at professional conferences. A limited amount of funding will be awarded to LLS undergraduate and graduate student majors and minors presenting conference material (paper, poster, or other scholarly product) that specifically relates to Latina/o Studies.

The following guidelines apply:

  1. Priority will be given to students who did not receive an LLS travel award during the previous academic year.
  2. Applications for funding must be submitted to the Department of Latina/Latino Studies by the following deadlines: October 1st for Fall semester and April 1st for Spring and Summer semesters.
  3. Students applying for the grants must be registered and in good academic standing during the term when the grant is received.
  4. Applications must be submitted before travel commences. They will not be accepted retroactively.
  5. Students must provide confirmation of conference participation (acceptance email or official conference program).
  6. Only one award will be provided to a student per calendar year.
  7. A maximum of $600 per student will be awarded.
  8. When possible, LLS staff will work with students to expend funds directly by booking travel, board, or paying conference fees on the student’s behalf. Alternately, students may be reimbursed for conference expenses. Reimbursements will only be made after the conference and with all original receipts in hand. Please be aware that reimbursements take several weeks to process. Reimbursement funds will be processed through Financial Aid and are subject to the rules and regulations of that unit.
  9. Students who receive the travel award must submit the following deliverables within 10 days upon return from the conference:
    1. A copy of the material shared at the conference including slide deck, paper, outline, and/or any other relevant materials
    2. A 1-page single-spaced report on conference activities. The report should describe panel participation and any other conference activities, and include a reflection on what was gained through conference participation.

To Apply

Applicants for conference travel support should submit the below application that includes:

  1. The name of the conference and relevant details including conference dates and location.
  2. A short statement describing the conference material to be presented and how participation in the conference will enhance your intellectual development (300 words max).
  3. Departmental or other additional sources of financial support, if applicable.
  4. A tentative budget for participation in the conference.

Email application to: Gilberto Rosas (grosas2@illinois.edu) and Natalie Lira (nlira2@illinois.edu). Please include “LLS Student Conference Travel Awards” in the subject line.

Contact Natalie Lira (nlira2@illinois.edu) with any questions.