Undergraduate Students

The Department of Latina/Latino Studies offers a wide range of courses that draw from the disciplinary expertise of its faculty, but emphasizes an interdisciplinary focus on scholarship. Whether in introductory courses or in specific seminars, our nationally recognized faculty work closely with students, both sharing a deep investment in Latino/a culture, history, aesthetics, and politics. Our curriculum represents the cutting edge of Latina/Latino studies' research, scholarship, and pedagogy, and our students, ranging across disciplines, reflect this aim.


Latina/Latino Studies operates as an intimate community where students have opportunities to engage with faculty, staff, and their peers in multiple ways. The majority of our classes hold 30 students or less, allowing for a more personal experience between teacher and student. Students work closely with their professors, especially during the senior year when majors conduct research for their senior project or thesis. Each year the majors present their research in an end-of-the-year symposium and these projects have become a springboard for students pursuing graduate school. Many students pursue a double major with LLS and some choose the dual degree option.

Beyond the traditional curriculum, the department engages students in novel and creative ways. Since 2014 the Brown Theatre Collective, housed in LLS, has given students, staff and faculty across campus the opportunity to come together as a community to produce theatre and performance by and about people of color. The performances have been very provocative, fun, and widely celebrated, showcasing work by Pedro Pietri, Maria Irene Fornés, Suzan-Lori Parks, and Cherríe Moraga.

BTC party photoStarting in 2018, with the opening of La Estación Gallery, students have been involved in the creation of an art and performance gallery, which showcases Latina/o and queer performance artists across the diaspora. Student interns learn about arts management and performance curation. Both of these efforts have been widely collaborative and enriched the department, greater campus, and surrounding cities and communities.

LLS is a vibrant department that is committed to engagingundergraduates minds, hearts, and spirits. LLS graduates make their mark across a broad spectrum of careers, such as law, counseling, public policy, health care, performance, and education. Read the alumni stories here to see the possibilities that await LLS students.